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Description: Consultants.pngAt Triple Take Holographics, our primary focus is on research and development of optics and holographic products. This includes both internally motivated advances in the field, and a consulting service whereby other businesses sub-contract our scientists to create or validate optical functions that may be realized by holographic means. This may involve developing new methods for manipulating holographic and 3D data sets or by creating new optical components. The production facility can also design, prototype, and produce holograms and other 3D products for various display and security applications

Technical Consulting

Turning Concepts into Realities

Triple-Take Holographics provides technical holography research and design services in support of industries whose projects may benefit from diffractive optics or holography solutions.

Our highly experienced staff of scientists and engineers are ready to help you realize your new technologies in diffractive optics, holography and 3D displays. We can supply background research on the latest advances in the field of 3D Imaging, DOEs , OVIDs and DOVIDs, including technical documentation needed to complete a proposal. Our expert personnel can consult on technical issues, providing valuable feed-back on new project feasability before significant resources are assigned to undertake it.

At the next stage, a fully equipped multi-laser, multi-format optics laboratory can be put into service for your needs. We can produce a proof-of-concept sample or demonstration of your new optics and 3D products. We can interface with your team and add suggestions or guidance to increase the value of the prototype or work with your engineers and scientists to convert the concept into a viable technology.

Triple Take staff can also specify equipment and supplies for a new project, write tutorials and technical manuals, and offer training courses.

Services include:

  • Proposal technical validation
  • Theoretical & Mathematical Modelling
  • Design services
  • Problem-solving
  • Prototyping
  • Technical writing & Training

Applications include:

  • Specialized Diffractive Optics Components
  • Instrumentation and Imaging
  • Interferometry
  • Light & Color Controllers, Reflectors, & Filters
  • Special Effects Filters, Patterns, Glasses
  • OEM Optics for Photonics products



Prototyping and Laboratory Services

Reaching Your Goals

Triple-Take Holographics provides design and prototyping services in support of industries who wish to evaluate a new product before investing in it's full production. Our ready laboratory facilities and expert personnel can produce proof-of-concept samples or prototyping of your product or application. We may be further retained to advise or interface with your technical staff as the project progresses.


Custom Diffractive Optics

Diffractive Optics Specialists

Triple Take Holographics scientists have been involved in new types of optical elements for more than 30 years from Space Optics to Head-Up Displays to Military hardware and 3D Imaging systems. We will use this vast and diverse experience to develop new types of optics and optical elements for tomorrow’s technologies. If you have a new technology and need specialized, non-standard optics, our experienced and established scientists and engineers will design, develop and prototype the optics to fit in with your technology.

Our highly experienced and creative staff of scientists and engineers and a fully equipped multi-laser multi-format lab can be put into service to convert your technological concepts into a working model for success in your technological marketplace.

Specialized Diffractive Optics Components:

  • Light & Color Controllers, Reflectors, Filters, & Diffusers
  • OEM Optics for Photonics Products
  • Imaging Optics and systems
  • Interferometry
  • Solar Concentrators
  • Spectroscopy
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Special Effects Filters, Patterns, Glasses
Diffractive Optics Componenets



Building the Future

Our expert staff will undertake or Collaborate on background theoretical research and mathematical modelling of new optical concepts and will report on the feasability and success of the technology. Our scientists draw on advanced degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Software engineering, with several years of experience in these fields. In addition, our consultation services will fill in mathematical and engineering details to allow for a presentation on any new concepts and ideas for new technological innovations, or peer-review of your existing ideas. We may conduct independent research on your behalf or advise and interface with your technical team as the project progresses.