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Floating Hologram Display

Imagine a circular display box (custom sizes available) wrapped in your branded material, with an illuminating rotating lens displaying in your lobby, entrance, or as a promotional centerpiece, NOW imagine your logo or a custom designed image floating above the case as a 360-degree 3D hologram. The "wow" factor is unforgettable and will attract and engage.


Featured Product
Featured Product

Custom Labels & Stickers

Custom Hologram labels and stickers have a distinct presence on almost all regularly used items such as media/press kits, stationary, invitations, seals & certificates, CDs, sporting goods, cosmetics, medicines, tickets, Identity cards and any size of products.

Once we make your custom design hologram you can turn your image into labels or stickers and use them over and over on various applications. They can also be embossed foils for hot stamping.

The key word is AFFORDABILTY

Security Labels/Stickers

Certified copies with holograms present an exclusive ID verification. Assure the security of your facility with instantly visible mark of access. Incorporate with a hologram a convention/trade show badge with a revitalized, attractive high-tech product.

Merchandising - Packaging

Holograms will attract the customer's attention and increase the perceived value of your product.

Authentication - Track & Trace

Assure your customers that the product is genuine and will perform according to specifications.

Advertising - Publishing

Books, Magazines, Tickets, and other published material draw extra attention when enhanced by a hologram.

Advertising - Promotions

Promote your business, products & services. Retail store and gift cards with holograms attract attention to the store brand (on the shelf) and every time the customer uses the card. The same applies to hang tags and all forms of in-store displays.

Authentication - Store Impact

Assure your customers that the product is genuine and will perform according to specifications.

For custom/stock images contact our sales office

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Embossed Foil/Film

Holographic hot-stamping foil is fused onto paper or plastic surfaces with specialized machinery by means of heat and pressure. Once applied the foil hologram becomes an integrated part of a document or a plastic card.


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Holograms for Magazine Covers and Printed Material

Books, Magazines, Tickets, and other published material draw extra attention when enhanced by a hologram.

 A hologram makes an ordinary publication collectable, and assures that people will keep it longer and show it to others, expanding the public exposure. This could also include annual reports, instruction guides, owner's manuals etc. Many Technical books can benefit from the addition of truly 3D illustrations as part of their content. Individualize and accentuate key internal and external presentations.


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Technical Consulting

Turning Concepts into Realities

Triple-Take Holographics provides technical holography research and design services in support of industries whose projects may benefit from diffractive optics or holography solutions.

Our highly experienced staff of scientists and engineers are ready to help you realize your new technologies in diffractive optics, holography and 3D displays. We can supply background research on the latest advances in the field of 3D Imaging, DOEs , OVIDs and DOVIDs, including technical documentation needed to complete a proposal. Our expert personnel can consult on technical issues, providing valuable feed-back on new project feasibility before significant resources are assigned to undertake it.


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Holographic Novelties

Holograms are unique and have universal appeal, if you have a concept, we can make it happen. From coasters, hangers, magnets, paper weights, display items, anything and everything with your company name or logo. A hologram novelty is refreshingly cool.

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3D Images, Displays and Lighted Products

Drawing from a broad variety of media, the artists at Triple-Take can design a display for any purpose. We have the experience and facilities to work with many different media, formats, and accessory crafts to create a truly unique display piece, including creating special light fixtures and installation paramaters for maximum impact.


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Holograms are unique and have universal appeal, you can make a lasting impression on any recipient by giving a hologram award or gift.

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3D Branding

Dimensional branding (holographic or 3D) brings your printed communication to life.

Using the amazing possibilities of Holograms & 3D technology you can improve your corporate identity by associating your organization with innovative ways of marketing and communication. Implementing 3D in your communication strategy is a wise move, certainly now 3D is more hot than ever.

If your focus is branding we can give you originality and supply you with the "wow" factor. If your market is promotion, advertising or moving a product holograms used commercially have been proven to set all-time records in publishing, response advertising and increased sales in brand packaging. Holograms are designed to attract attention, basic printed communication may catch the eye for a second but holograms engage the imagination and provides a response.

Bringing your printed communication to life.

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Holograms add flexibility to your photonics applications!

Turning Concepts into Realities

Triple Take Holographics is involved in the design, prototyping and implementation of Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), Heads Up Displays (HUDs) and other holographic display systems. In addition to designing and building standard optical devices, Triple Take Holographics will evaluate, design and prototype new optical concepts submitted by clients. Triple Take Holographics is also avaliable for consultancy, either on-site at client's facility or at Triple Take's labs.

Triple Take Holographics has had a history of succesful collaboration with the companies listed to the right on this page. We will be happy to look over your ideas and concepts and suggest methods of converting an idea or concept into a prototype and then a product.

Here is a brief overview of some of the products that Triple Take has been involved with.  These include multispectral optical components and imaging optics.

Holographic OEM Optical Components

spatially multiplexed

holographic oem optical components multispectral beam splitter

Multispectral Beam Splitter
Volume holograms present an advantageous alter-native to traditional beam splitters in multispectral systems. A set of volume holograms, used as a beam splitter for a multispectral system, replaces a series of beam splitters and filters for each device with a single, smaller, lighter-weight, optical element.

Multispectral Focusing

Multispectral Focusing

NTE Near-to-eye components
HUD Heads-Up displays

NET Near to eye components HUG heads up displays

Wavelength Selective Imaging Optics

Wavelength selective imaging optics