About Us

We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

Triple Take Holographics is your complete source for state-of-the-art holograms
and three-dimensional imagery. From holographic labels to innovative specialty
installations. We can take your design or concept and make it happen with
enormous impact and greater visibility.

TTH was established in 1999 in San Marcos, California (San Diego area) with a 4000 sq .ft. production facility and highly-skilled technology staff with over 25 years of experience in the holography industry.

TTH has gained national recognition for its innovation in the holographic industry. Our research and development staff  has secured grants and contracts for small businesses and top corporations. Holographic companies not only recommend our services but come to us for our technical expertise.


TTH a range of lasers covering the visible spectrum from 457nm to 633nm. We are therefore capable of recording holograms in a wide range of holographic media including silver halide, dichromated gelatin (DCG) and photopolymers. We also have our own facility to coat holographic emulsions up to 12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm). In addition we have a comprehensive range of optics, a complete chemical facility, a fully equipped testing lab . We are capable of making holographic optical equipment as per clients specs, with full set of tests that can confirm any client specs. In addition, we have recorded holograms in full color, with three lasers.

TTH Facilities

Our Technical Team

Dinesh Padiyar
Research Scientist, Holographer, Chemist, Educator

Working in holograph/holographic science since 1981, Dinesh is very strong in optics, physics & mathematical theory. He enjoys the challenge of problems which no one else can solve and the satisfaction of devising innovative solutions to unusual client requests. His primary job function is technical consulting, including background research, analysis and design criteria for client's technical projects. He will furthermore conduct the appropriate experiments in the lab to demonstrate proof-of-concept, or actually produce a prototype for the client. He also presents lectures and classes and writes editorial content for client's

Joy Padiyar
Holographer, Engineer, Artist

 Joy has worked in holography since 1996 and has practiced other engineering disciplines since 1987. She enjoys a creative hands-on approach to designing new products. She conceives, designs and builds models for holographic imaging and sets up laser table geometries for both precision technical applications and for artistic lighting products. She designs and builds prototypes of the final products, accessories, packaging and fixtures. She also builds specialized equipment for the holography lab and for ergonomic upgrades of lab processes.


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